When Niagara Falls froze – circa 1909

Niagara Falls Freezes 1909

This photograph was developed from glass plate negatives.  It was taken in 1909 when the American Falls of Niagara Falls froze.  A few brave souls actually walked across the frozen falls.  Note the old camera in the picture.

A bit of information: On six reported occasions (1883, 1896, 1904, 1909, 1936 and 1947), the water flow over American Falls has been totally blocked by ice and ceased to fall.  ~ Source: The Weather Almanach


Jeanne Treat

author of the Dark Birthright trilogy


Niagara Falls outing – circa 1905

Niagara Falls Outing - circa 1905

Niagara Falls Outing – circa 1905

One of my interests – old black and white photography.  These pictures of a Niagara Falls outing were developed from glass plate negatives.  It was a big deal to visit the Falls.  You traveled by train to get there.  Note the interesting clothes and hats.   The railway bridge in the background is no longer there.

Niagara Falls

 This lookout point no longer exists.  It fell into the falls decades ago.


Jeanne Treat