Robert Beverley and the Virginia Climate Part 1

Early 18th Century Dress in the American South ~ “The heat is beyond your conception…”

"The Heat is Beyond Your Conception..."


In 1705, for the first time, a native born Virginian published a book that included in-depth description about the colony’s climate.  At the turn of the eighteenth century, earlier settler’s had established themselves within the quickly growing colony.  Robert Beverley’s The History and Present State of Virginia examined the history of the colony, natural products suited for trade, native indians, and the current state of affairs.  Beverly included his observations on climate, which for the first time seemed to tell the brutal truth unlike authors before him in the early seventeenth century.  Beverley wrote:

THE Natural Temperature of the Inhabited part of the Country, is hot and moist: tho’ this Moisture I take to be occasion’d by the abundance of low Grounds, Marshes, Creeks, and Rivers, which are every where among their lower Settlements; but more backward in the Woods, where they are now Seating, and making new Plantations, they have abundance of…

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