Old recipes for baked meat pies

Meat Pies

Meat Pies


Bakemete is a Middle-English word meaning pie – literally a ‘baked meat’. One pictured is a re-creation of one served during the third course of Henry VI’s coronation in 1429. It is described as “a bake mete lyke a shylde, quarteryd red and whyte, set with losynges gylt, and floures of borage”. The red colour in this re-creation was achieved with powdered red sanders wood…
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Jeanne Treat is the author of the Dark Birthright trilogy, a saga set in 17th century Scotland, England, and the Colonies.   Meat pies are mentioned in her books.

Read about the Dark Birthright Saga at this link: http://www.DarkBirthrightSaga.com


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