Historical Novelists Book Fair – Apr 12-15

Book Fair

Join me online for the Historical Novelists’ Book Fair.  April 12-15


Visit the blogs of Historical Novelists to learn about their latest books!  Read my post about Dark Destiny!

About the author…

 Jeanne Treat is the great-granddaughter of a Native American medicine woman.  She also has ancestry from Scotland, England, and France.  To research her books, she traveled to Scotland to visit castles, seaports, and stone circles, and talk to historians.  To make it authentic, she investigated ancient earth-based spiritual traditions and healing arts. Ms Treat has published in local and regional newspapers, anthologies, and  magazines.   She has spoken on diverse topics including Spirit Guides and Totem Animals, The Law of Attraction, and Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect.  She lives in with her husband Robert and two Scottish terriers, Maggie and Duff.

You can read about the Dark Birthright Saga at http://www.DarkBirthrightSaga.com


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