Ardvreck Castle, Scotland – a snippet from my novel ‘Dark Destiny’

Ardvreck Castle, the Highlands, Scotland

Ardvreck Castle, the Highlands, Scotland

(photo from John Mc Calmont Breckenridge)


Ardvreck Castle. This castle was mentioned in ‘Dark Destiny’.  Dughall receives a letter from Lord Donald Grant as follows:
Lord Gordon,
Our old nemesis, James Graham, Marquess of Montrose, has been up to his tricks again. Evidently, he was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Scotland by the exiled Prince Charles. Graham recently entered Scotland through the Orkneys with a thousand foreign mercenaries, mostly Danes and Germans. They say he was sent ahead of the King to cow the Covenanters in northern Scotland. His troops crossed to the mainland and halted at Carbisdale on the southern side of the Kyle of Sutherland.
I sent word to Drake for yer assistance, but they said that ye were gone to the Abbey. So I raised 200 men and joined Colonel Archibald Strachan. To be short, we soundly defeated Montrose’s troops – 400 killed and 450 taken prisoner – but Graham initially avoided capture. Thereupon, he made his final mistake. He sought refuge in Ardvreck Castle, where Lady Christine lured him into a vaulted dungeon. The man was imprisoned and turned over to our forces. It violated the tradition of Highland hospitality, but it was worth it. As this time, Montrose is being transported to Edinburgh to be tried and executed for treason. I hope they hang him!

It seems that we have defeated the snake, at least for the time being. But we must be vigilant, because the Prince has set his sights on Scotland. Should we crown him King just because he is a Stuart? He attacks us to avoid taking the Covenants.

We must talk soon, about this event and our mutual agreement.
Stay safe, my friend. – Donald Grant


Author’s note:

They say that Lady Christine’s actions violated the customs of Highland hospitality.  The castle had bad luck after that.

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