Easter week poem – Pieta

Clara Treat

Clara Treat, author

A poem written by my late mother, Clara Treat. 




How your mother’s heart must have bled

On that cold cruel dawn

When they brought your poor son’s body to you –

All bruised and bloody and torn.


And how your mother’s heart must have ached

When you looked upon his dear face,

Knowing full well, how willingly,

He died to redeem this race.


And yet your thoughts must have backwards flown,

To the days when he was but a babe,

When you cradled and comforted each tiny hurt

And treasured each small step he made.


Dear Mother, our hearts must go out to you

On this the darkest of days,

When you thought that all of the joy you knew,

Would be quiet … and still …for always.


Clara Treat is the author of “Heartland Verses”, a short book containing her poetry, short stories, and memoirs as a WWII Rosie-the-Riveter.  You can find the book on Amazon.com in paperback and in many popular eBook formats.

Also available from Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=jeanne+treat 


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