Beekeeping in the 17th century in Europe

Beekeeping in Skeps

Beekeeping in Skeps

In my novel “Dark Destiny”, the monks at Deer Abbey kept bees to acquire honey for healing, baking, and wine making.  The bees were kept in skeps, conical woven baskets that sat on a flat surface.  The monks often wore a hat with a veil or a hood with a woven frontpiece.  Other that that, they were relatively unprotected from bee stings.  Honey was also used as valuable trading item.
Here is a link to a site that discusses traditional beekeeping:

2 thoughts on “Beekeeping in the 17th century in Europe

  1. Beekeepers get somewhat “used” to the stings as the Summer season progreses. Not to say that it does not hurt but the swelling is not as bad. Also as “beeks” get better at working the girls, the colony is calmer and does not sting or get alarmed. Some old timers I know do not use a veil or gloves when working the bees.
    Having God on your side might help as well. 🙂

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